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Company Overview

Founded in 2014, Nepal Planet Treks & Expedition is a well-experienced team of tour and trekking guides. The company’s sole purpose is to develop customers’ emotional affinity toward nature by exploring the country’s hidden gems, old monuments & heritages while also comprehending the culture and tradition which has been followed for many years. A team with years of experience, understanding, and knowledge provides you with an admirable opportunity for clients worldwide to explore Nepal’s delight.

Nepal Planet Treks and Expedition Private Ltd is a trekking and tour company that is authorized by the Nepal Government, certified and trusted by the Trekking Agency of Nepal (TAAN), and holds the Nepal Mountaineering Association (NMA) and Nepal Tourism Board trust certificates (NTB).

We offer a wide range of travel services to ensure that your trip to Nepal is adventurous and memorable. Sightseeing, hiking, trekking, climbing, Himalayas Trekking Tour, CityWalk, Culture Exploration, and many more activities. We offer low-cost trekking itineraries and travel packages that can be customized to the client’s specific needs, and interests.

Nepal Planet Treks & Expedition (P) Ltd has extensive expertise and experience with a number of services and opportunities, and you can benefit from this knowledge by taking part in one of our trip and trekking programs, which are sure to please, thrill, and enrich!



Our Professional Team

NJ Adhikari-Tour Operators all Part of Nepal & Tibet, Bhutan.
Tour Operators all Part of Nepal & Tibet,Bhutan.

I am NJ Adhikari from Nepal, and I’m a tour leader, trekking guide, porter, and tour operator who organizes treks and tours in Nepal, Tibet, and Bhutan.

“I was born and brought up in a remote mountain village in the Dhading district of Nepal. I have worked hard for a reputed trekking company and gained significant experience as a mountain guide and team leader in every aspect of the Himalayas.”
I have years of experience as a trekking guide and team leader, so I am familiar with the trails in every trekking region of Nepal and have ideas about every kind of problem that can be encountered during tours and treks across the Himalayan nations.
I am a successful tourism entrepreneur who also has the heart to serve the communities in remote and underprivileged communities.  I believe that marginalized communities in far-flung Nepal can enjoy prosperity through tourism in Nepal.

I heartily welcome all of you to join us on an unforgettable adventure. I’m always there to give you cooperation regarding your tour arrangements, and I look forward to serving you in the days ahead with better services.

Sanjib Adhikari- Tour Operators all Part of Nepal & Tibet, Bhutan.
Tour Operators all Part of Nepal & Tibet,Bhutan.

I am Sanjib Adhikari from Nepal, and I feel great pleasure to introduce myself as the tour leader, trekking guide, and tour operator for trekking and tours of Nepal, Tibet, and Bhutan.

I have led the trekking company since 2007, and I have been hardworking at some reputed trekking and tour companies and gained a lot of experience as a mountain leader, leading the guide leader team in every aspect of the Himalayas of Nepal and Tibet, as well as Bhutan.

I will be more than happy to take you on the most beautiful trails in the Himalayas to ensure your holidays are the best and most unbelievable as per your desires, and that tour could leave a very memorable experience in your mind. As the tour leader, I heartily welcome all of you to join us for an unforgettable adventure. I am always there to give you cooperation regarding your tour arrangements, and I look forward to serving you in the days ahead with better service.

Resham Rana- Guide & Manager
General Manager & Trekking Guide

Resham Rana’s extensive experience as a trekking guide has allowed him to gain in-depth knowledge of various trekking regions across Nepal. With his expertise, he has successfully led numerous expeditions, ensuring the safety and satisfaction of our clients. Additionally, his role as the official responsible for financial and management systems in our company showcases his ability to handle complex administrative tasks effectively

Guide-Ram Kumar Shreshta
Trekking Guide

Ram Kumar Shrestha is one of the professional trekking guides in our company. Ram has guides start out as porters, learn the trail, improve their language and client-facing skills, and then begin leading the trekking guide. He has been a trekking guide since 1995. He knows very well about trekking regions and trails. He has 25 years of experience guiding in the Himalayas, all parts of Nepal, Tibet, and Bhutan.

Bishnu Adhikari Trekking & Climbing Guide
Trekking & Tour Guide

Bishnu Adhikari has been working as a trekking guide and tour climber since 1998. He has many years of experience in adventure tourism in the trekking and climbing fields in Nepal. He is also one of the responsible people in the company and the team leader of our guide group. He can speak excellent English with Hindus, Chinese, Japanese, and Tibetans, so he is delighted to have so successfully won the hearts of thousands of trekkers and adventure lovers with his expertise, experience, and commitment. He always promises to deliver first-class service to all our valuable clients to make their journey the experience of a lifetime in the tourism field.

Rajendra Kc, Trekking & Tour Guide
Trekking Guide

Rajendra K.C. was born in the lowlands of Khotang district, in the east part of Kathmandu capital city, in the Everest Himalayas region of Nepal. Mountain, thus, is a huge part of his identity. He went to school in Khotang and was involved in tourism as a porter long before he moved his base to Kathmandu. When he went on a trek as a porter for the first time, he was carrying a load of over 30 kg. But the mesmerizing natural beauty around him captivated him so much that he says that load felt like a mere 2 kg. Such is his love for the mountains and nature. He has 20 years of experience trekking with a city tour guide in the Himalayas, since 2002.

Jag Mahato- Trekking & Safari Guide
Trekking Guide

Jag Narayan Mahato is a joyful person who likes to travel, enjoy life, meet new people, and share ideas and experiments! I am a Nepali government-licensed naturalist guide in Chitwan National Park and a trekking guide licensed from the capital of Kathmandu. He has been working in the tourism field since 1998. He has a lot of knowledge and a variety of experience as a jungle nature guide for Chitwan National Park and Bhardiya National Park. He specializes in the Buds watching in all the jungles of Nepal and as a trekking guide for all parts of Nepal in the Himalayas, Tibet, Bhutan, and India.

He was born in the Terai region near the Chitwan National Park Nawalparasi District, so it has helped him to know very well about nature and about the buds watching in the park, history, culture, religion, traditions, customs, rituals, etc., which he can explain. So it let him for his valued guests experience in their real form. I hope he will give a first-hand experience of all the things to the people visiting our country.