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1 Days, kathmandu

We have daily every day’s morning many mountain flights in, Everest region   Everest Mountain flight is one of the adventure flight in Himalayas Range of in Nepal border site of Tibet and  Nepal.
Everest experience is a close-encounter special mountain flight to seeing a tour with any airlines to in Mount Everest and other many Himalayan ranges during your flight. Indulge in the panorama and maybe just maybe might what you have been seeing or find what you have been looking for all this at the same time as.
After all, a trip to Nepal would be incomplete without truly understanding what really makes it beautiful. Nothing’s camper to the sheer beauty or awe, the Himalayas has to offer. Take the mother of all mountain flights, the Everest Experience where we put you, one on with MT. Everest, so close that you can almost be touching great Himalaya trial. Mountain flight tour is one of the worlds’ most exclusive with a lifetime experience too. It takes from Kathmandu airport in the early morning and it is more than one hour flight. It is one of the methods of enjoying the glimpse of sky in the Himalayas.

During the mountain flight, you  can observe some part of the Tibet and border of Nepal and Tibet  Himalayas range too, it is a one-hour amazing flight in your  life    from   Kathmandu to  Kathmandu with all Himalaya range

Every mountain flight wants to try mountain flight in the early morning, Becuase, if early morning flight it will be a great way then people, can enjoy with the best sunrise and with snow cover mountain and much more beautiful golden views, blue sky other much more things. So morning flight is more enjoyable and more lucky to then afternoon. Also best weather, best time,  So we are trying to focus for our clients early morning fly to mountain flight Everest in Himalayas range any time.

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Mountain – Flights -In- Nepal
As per your mountain flight time, we will collect you from your Hotel and transfer to the domestic airport. After back to from the flight we will pickup airport and drive back to your Hotel.



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Service includes

Car, flight ticket and Pickup and drop from your Hotel.  
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