Bardia National Park, Jungle Safari Packages .

3 Days, kathmandu

The Bardiya National Park is the one famous national park in Nepal. When it’s national park was established in 1988 as Name of Bardia National Park. It is spread an area of 968 km2 (374 sq mi) and it is the nearest the Indian and Nepal border. Bardia national park is a very smaller park than Royal Chitwan national park, but there the house is the same exotic animal and jungle environment of the Terai.

The Bardia National park is more isolated than  Royal Chitwan, which is why it has few resorts and some visitors, coz it is added to the excitement of exploring the jungle. here all resorts border the Boundary park with numerous jungle activities are possible. the cottage is extremely beautiful and enjoyable and offers the Bardia and yard.

A Bardia Jungle Safari day tour is designed by Nepal Planet Treks for those travelers who wish to visit Bardia National Park, Nepal. This day tour will take you to Tiger Tracking, Elephant Tracking, Jungle/Nature walk, Bird watching, Full day wild sightseeing, Jeep safari, Dolphin sightseeing, Camping, and Hiking, here are 100% sure you can see the mean our biggest and danger animal tiger during the Safari in the Bardia national park, of course, they will always encounter with a tiger.

Bardia National Park Tour, 3 Nights 4 Days program, it is far away from Kathmandu city. we highly recommend flying because, if go via car, it will be 15-hour drive to from Kathmandu to Bardia national park, if u want via plan, will be 40-minutes flying then  2-hour drive to vai jeep to  Bardia national park. So, we will recommend for our all clients who are interesting to go there, 3 night 4 days tour package, it will be enough and a good for them to for safari in Bardia national park.
Bardia national park is normally famous for the jungle walk and jeep safari with encounter tiger too.

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