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Birds Watching in Nepal.


The favorable months for birdwatching and bird photography in Nepal are October, November, and December. During these months, flocks of birds of different species fly thousands of miles from various parts of the world toward Nepal. Nepal is a bird watchers’ paradise with national parks and conservation areas making up a large part of its territory. According to the experts and statistical reports, more than 850 species of birds are found in Nepal and around 100 species of migratory birds from Siberia, Russia, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, Tibet, and Turkmenistan arrive during these months. They stay for a few months mostly in the Terai region of Nepal due to favorable climatic conditions.
Birds namely: Ruddy, Siberian Carnes, Greater Flamingo, Mallard, Shaddock, Eurasian, Thrush, Gadwall, Black-headed ibis, Greenshank Flycatcher, and Eagle, etc along with local birds of Nepal around the forest.  It creates a pleasurable sightseeing view for bird watchers. Along with birdwatching, tourists can explore many other tourist destinations in the Terai region.

Main Birds Observing Region In Nepal

01: Brides watching tours Phulchowki hills, bush forest.

Near Kathmandu Valley and the best time is from October to May.

02:Brides watching tours Royal Chitwan national park, Border of the northwest corner of Nepal,.

The best time is September, till December, and from February to till around Mid-June.

03: Birds watching tours Bardia National park the border of the northwest corner of Nepal and the best time is from Sep to December and from February to Mid-June.

04: Birds-watching trip to shivapuri National park,  it is near Kathmandu valley and the best time is around from October till the end of May.

If you are an ornithophile (bird lover), Nepal is the best destination for you for bird watching. You can enjoy your wildlife experience, take your adventurous soul to a new level with the vibrant colors of birds and make unforgettable memories of a lifetime.

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