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Nepal is a landlocked country, enclosed by Chine in the northern part and surrounded by India in the western, eastern, and southern parts. Taking up a region of 147,181 km², Nepal is a nation full of culture, traditions, and diversity. Apart from the varied and prosperous culture and traditions, Nepal is rich in natural resources and wildlife reserves. Nepal is a famous tourist destination attracting more than 300,000 tourists annually. Nepal’s capital Kathmandu has been listed as one of the world’s best tourist destinations and a list prepared by the travel online portal TripAdvisor, out of the 25 best destinations, Kathmandu is ranked in 19th position.
Nepal has four world heritage sites; the Kathmandu Valley and Lumbini as “Cultural Worl Heritage Sites”, and the Chitwan and Sagarmatha national park as “Natural World Heritage Sites”. Out of the 10 highest mountains in the world, Nepal holds 8 highest mountains including the tallest one in the world ‘Mount Everest (Sagarmatha) (8848m)’. There is a total of 1,310 peaks having an elevation above 6,000 meters among which 238 peaks are open for climbing. The blend of the outstanding beauty of mountains, Himalayas, and peaks with the diverse culture, tradition, lifestyle, and vegetation are the core essence of Nepal making it one of the perfect destinations for traveling. Indeed the tradition and famous hospitality of Nepalese from remote mountain villages to medieval hill towns and the ancient cities of Kathmandu Valley is one of the major attractions of Nepal.
From wilderness tourism to religious sites, culture and heritage sites, climbing & trekking, bird watching to rafting/kayaking/canyoning, bungee jumping and many other activities are available for tourists in the different holiday tour packages. We, Nepal Planet Treks and Expedition, help you to find the best package deals that match your interest to make your traveling time in Nepal splendid.