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Winter Treks In Nepal

Winter Treks In Nepal

Potter on the way Everest Base camp

All over the world know Nepal has the world’s highest Himalayas range with the world’s 10 highest peak includes with MT: Everest with other 10 highest mountain and 200 over 6000-meter peak and much more Himalayas range.
Winter is being from the middle of December till February and, Around winter we have good season for the shorter hiking & Trekking lower elevations around the Himalayas, as sure all views almost guaranteed the wintertime all over the mountain in the Himalayas, from December, and till February.

winter will rarely rain so that the skies will be crisp and clear, so Himalaya’s views will be clear and Beautiful.
At this moment temperatures are colder, but if you are well prepared, you can enjoy views with clear panoramic views and less corroded tourist in the mountain range, Also other option you will have sightseeing all of Kathmandu, Pokhara, another much more area, regarding your Holidays. So in winter, we will like to offer to do treks, Below 4000 meters, it will be a more safe and comfortable trip too.

on the way, Manasalu treks

For winter Treks we have some most popular treks Name list=

, Ghorepani Poon Hill treks,

Mardi Himal Treks,

Ghadurk/Landurk Treks,

Dhamuse with Sarankot Hiking,

Chishowpani with Nagarkot Hiking,

Everest Panorama Treks,

Langtang Valley Treks,

Tamang heritage Treks,

Muktinath Tour,

Manag Tour, another much more area too.

Best Views sunrise from Chishowpani

Winter will be low season so airfare, hotel, Transportation rate other many causes tourist have got quality services and good price with good Facilities, best hospitality with a low cost with guide/potter much more things during winter at treks in Nepal,
So if you are come to travel early December or late February in Nepal, you will have a warm temperature too.
For further details information/itinerary anythings please you can mail us or Phone, WhatsApp, anything any time, we will do our best for your best winter treks in Nepal regarding your Holidays and queries.