Eco Friendly Travel


Frequently mystified with "adventure travel," which may lead one to natural places but which may also do damage to them, actual "eco-friendly tours" must gratify numerous principle that address to both the pleasure of the traveler and the well being of the host community. For the traveler, eco-friendly tours major inspiration should be the scrutiny and approval of both the local ecology and culture, and it should contain "educational and interpretation features". And to truly promote the host community it should be planned for small groups by local businesses, it should diminish collision on both the natural and cultural environment, and it should produce income for the host society and amplify consciousness of the required for preserving its natural and cultural assets as well as benefit.

Eco Friendly Travel

Everest Panorama Trekking 7 Days Short Itinerary

7 days  Everest panorama short and easy mounitan beauty trekking in Everest region in Nepal. there is no dought the most adventure popular place to visit in Nepal in the region of the Mt Everest treks. But there is an[..]

6 Days Eco Friendly Travel Moderate 3,870m/12694ft

Gokyo Valley Trek – Gokyo Lake | Gokyo Ri – Cost & Itinerary 2018

While the main trails in the Everest region  Gokyo Lake trekking can be quite busy with foreign visitors, there are some lesser-known pathways that will take you right into the very heart of the incredible treks in Gokey Everest region. One[..]

10 Days Eco Friendly Travel Moderate to fairly hard 5357m/19,216ft

Gokyo and Chol La pass ebc Trek | Package Cost & Itinerary 2018

21 Day Adventure into the Spectacular Part of Everest Region!  There is nothing quite like a Himalayan adventure. This is the land of the highest mountains in the world. It is a land of the famed Sherpa people as well[..]

16 Days Eco Friendly Travel Moderate to fairly hard 5545m