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Climbing Equipment list

The climbing for any peak in Nepal, we need best and original equipment for any climbing peak and expedition and  Also very important for trekking and hiking Nepal Himalaya, even 4/5 days hiking u will be more than 4 thousand meters high. so for Nepal, any trip and tour, Climbing peak, the expedition- equipment needed every one. some of the climbing equipment list as below.

  1. Summit shoe 1/Walking shoe 1/ Crampon 1/Summit Glove (Mitten) 1/ Normal gloves 2/ Summit Snow goggles 1.
  2. Glacier glasses 1/ Ice axe 1/ Harness 1/ jumer 1/ Carabiners (normal) 3/Sleeping bag (-30C) 1/ Down filled Mattress 1/ Summit socks 2/ Normal socks 3/ Climbing bag (40 ltr) 1/ Helmet 1/Down jacket1.
  3. Down trouser 1/ 8 finger / descender 1/ Headlamp (Icon or Spot) 1/Gore-tex jacket 1
  4. Gore-tex trouser 1/Fleece jacket 1/ Fleece trouser 1/ Screw Gate Carabiner 1/ Balaclava (windstopper) 1/ Thermos bottle 1/ Base layer (woolen) 2 (set)/ Water bottle normal 1