Adventure- Holidays- Nepal


Nepal has a plenty memorable & luxurious way to adventure tripped in Himalayas of Nepal.
Nepal Planet treks will gives you and private opportunity to bask in the splendor of natural world experience of Nepal, totted travel destinations from the comfort of holyday.
We are organize , Heli tour ,bungee jump/Mountain flight, paragliding , safari tour, rock climbing, mountain Bick tour, climbing peak and all expedition much more.
You get the amazing panorama of snow copped mountain and glacier views wonderful village settlements with deep country site Valley, Panoramic landscapes with big wild forest during adventure trip in Nepal.Please you are welcome and enjoy Nepal adventure, we offer you one of the life travel experience trip for your and for your life.

Adventure- Holidays- Nepal

Mountain – Flights -In- Nepal

Mountain Flight Nepal in Himalayas Range. Everest experience is a closed-encounter special mountain flight to seeing tour with any airlines to in Mount Everest and other many Himalayans range during your flight. Indulge in the panorama and maybe just maybe[..]

Adventure- Holidays- Nepal Challenging 8848m

Heli Tour-Everest Base camp

We have Daily real Everest Adventure flight for the observation and feel natural beauty of Nepal and the Himalayans on a around 3/4 hour Everest Base camp Helicopter tour in Nepal. This tour is easy way to Visit Mount Everest[..]

3/4 hour Days Adventure- Holidays- Nepal Easy 8848m

Heli Tour &e Treks in Nepal

Nepal Planet Treks and Expedition   can organize different types of helicopter tour & Trekking  packages in Nepal.   we will provide you  you an exclusive gives opportunity to bask in the magnificence of natural and experience Nepal's dotted travel destinations[..]

Adventure- Holidays- Nepal Moderate to fairly hard